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Elmatear – Độ bền xé rách

Elmatear – Độ bền xé rách


For markets as diverse as paper, plastic, nonwoven and textiles, ElmaTear is the only software driven Electronic Elmendorf tear tester that offers 14 A to E pendulums. This allows laboratories to increase their range of testing and attract additional business revenue.

Twenty pre-programmed standards, organised by material test type, can be easily selected from the main menu screen, with an option to add and edit standards. ElmaTear is further enhanced and supported by the easy to use PC based TestWise analysis software.

A range of weights

Two additional weights, suitable for testing lighter specimens such as paper, film, nonwovens and plastic, have been added to the ElmaTear. It is supplied with A, B, C, D and the new ½ A and ¼ A as standard. An optional weight E, for testing to 128N, can also be ordered. ¼ A is fitted to the instrument as standard. This range of weights means the user can test a wider variety of materials.

ElmaTear electronic elmendorf tester, elmendorf tear tester tear process - moving GIF

The Tear Action

The animation on the left, which we have slowed down from actual speed, shows the transfer of energy through the pendulum action to tear the specimen.

The animation also shows the innovative rotary cam lock jaws which have increased clamping strength.


  • Khách : James Heal
  • Ngày : October 2015
  • Link : https://www.james-heal.co.uk/
  • Địa điểm : Vương Quốc Anh
  • Giá : Liên Hệ